Frank hires within the City of Philadelphia since Philadelphian’s understand the City and what it longs for the most. While he also takes pride in building safe, efficient and beautiful new homes. Kumas Homes currently owns 150 as of 2019. 

In 2013 Frank Kumas created Kumas Homes to begin branding and creating high-end constructed town homes. In 2013 as Frank decided to continue to buy lots;

he built and sold three newer town-homes. Frank allowed his imagination to run wild with these modern, and stunning structures. 

Kumas Homes has been a pioneer of South Philadelphia, and we are proud to be a positive force of change within our community. We focus and specialize in bringing state of the art, and futuristic constructed town-homes to the market. This goes without compromising the beautiful quality and details you would expect to see in million-dollar homes.

Though we are a smaller brand, we set ourselves to higher standards for that exact reason! Honesty, integrity and consistency govern every single decision and detail we make here at Kumas Homes. We build up homes that shine with dignity, and beauty. We treat our Buyers, Investors, and Employees as family.

"You don't have to have faith to be a good person, you can just be a good person" - F. Kumas

Frank Kumas 

Kumas Homes is owned by Frank Kumas. A finish carpenter by trade, Frank has been involved in the construction and building industry for more than two decades. Coming to the U.S. from Turkey at the age of 15, he began working to support himself, starting as a dishwasher, he eventually worked his way up to owning a restaurant. His energy, natural ease with people and entrepreneurial abilities have allowed Frank to enjoy many successes in life and business. 

"Thinking of Real Estate, Think of Me"

Harkeet Chadha (Keith) 

Keith has been working with Frank and Kumas Homes for years now, his dedication and loyalty is unparalleled. With years of experience in the industry, Keith brings to the table his knowledge of the Philadelphia Real Estate Market and Coldwell Banker’s reputation and resources. 

"Never settle for anything less than what you deserve"

Danielle Switenko


"Knowledge is an unconquerable beast, but the challenge is what excites me " - I. Eze

Ifeanyichukwu Eze a.k.a "Easy"

General Manager