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What Does It Take?

December 3, 2019

1626 S 21st Street
We love design beautiful things.

Kumas Homes currently owns over 150 properties, which is a small accomplishment for us. We are currently working through South Philadelphia & some of North Philadelphia, building the best homes, within our beautiful city, to truly meet the nature of the uprising changes. We have a great team of people who make it an easy process for YOU!

This team makes sure you are secure with your choice from day one! We want to give you the best of the best. Though the team is small, we are very secure in how we want to treat our clients! Currently, we do not have any available rentals, simply because who we've connected with, they've come to love their new funky, modern and jazzy space!

Check out our Facebook Page in order to see some of the rough drafting process in how we built our homes and rentals!

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